19 January 2013

Hockey Night in Canada

Hockey is back! (throwing serious shade at you Gary Bettman).

And do you know what that means?

The return of the Bob Cole Drinking Game (BCDG)! Fun for the whole family! (provided you are of legal drinking age in the province in which you play)

The game has been played for years with rules varying from one town to the next but we here at BCDG HQ have decided it's time to bring some rigour to the sport.

Let the rules be understood and let all partake in the fun and damage to their liver

The Rules: 

Bob: Says the right first name but the wrong family name of the player

You: Take a drink

Bob: Says the wrong first name but the right family name of the player

You: Take a drink

Bob: Gets all three Staal brothers right

You: Take 3 drinks

Bob: Says "Oooh Baby"

You: Take 1 small baby sized drink

Bob: Gets at least one team wrong of the two that are playing

You: Take 1 drink. Take 2, if it's your team he gets wrong

Bob: Says "Everything is happening!"

You: Drink until everything is no longer happening

Bob: Says "He's just got to score. That's all."

You: Take 1 drink. Take 2 if he says it during the shoot out

Bob: Asks "Is there anything better in all of sports?"

You: Take 1 drink if you disagree. Take 3 if you agree

Bob: Uses words like dandy or no, sir

You: Take 1 drink for each use of those words in any one sentence

Bob: Says "and here we go"

You: Drink nonstop until we are not going any longer.

Bob: Says 'Holy Mackinaw!'

You: Take 1 drink if you don't know what a Mackinaw is. Take 3 if you do.

If you are still - a) sober b) coherent  or c) alive -  at the end of the first period, you must hydrate with water and consume some kind of fat/carb combination like wings, nachos or chips before the start of the second period.

Have we missed a rule? Feel free to let us know. We here at BCDG HQ want to make sure the game remains in the hands of the players!

Ooooh, Baby! 


  1. This is hilarious! Wish I'd seen it earlier!!

  2. 10 May 2013 11.40
    Is CBC trying to turn is off hockey by making us endure Bob Cole?
    Great skit!! But can't afford all that booze.

  3. This is great!
    You should also take a drink if Bob Cole mixes up two players with similar numbers (ie Karlsson 65 and Gonchar 55 for sens fans)

  4. I have never before known the rules. Bless you. Although the totality of my annual Booze Budget® is now spent.

  5. I'm glad you didn't make the rule to drink every time Bob says "In there".
    Certain alcohol poisoning.

  6. How about a rule where Bob describes a play without using any name, Example "the Ottawa defense brings it up the ice" Two drinks if it's your team.
    In the middle of watching a game...... Just brutal!!!!!